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Pads & Parts By Brand / Body Masters Circuit Master / Adductor CM432
Back Pad - Item # BM228 - Full Circle Padding, Inc.
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Back Pad
Part Number: BM228

Back Pad

Shipping Method:  UPS from Full Circle Padding
Item Weight: 12.00 lbs.
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Our Price: $102.71
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Vinyl Color Reference Chart You can also View our Vinyl Guide for a complete list of stock and custom vinyl colors available.
Name: Color #: Same As:
Allspice 518760 Allspice 363743
American Beauty OLY-130 443839 American Beauty, US-360 American Beauty, 461222 American Beauty,
Azure 517708 415522 Grand Sierra Azure, TTN-315 Azure
Black OLY-115 363557 Black,US-393 Black, 461223 Black, 444320 Black, 517420 Black
Black - Textured FCP100 Note: Used on Life Fitness most Pro 2 and all Signature Series. Vinyl is textured (Formally called Classic Black)
Blue Ridge OLY-125 US-427 Blue Ridge
British Tan OLY-215 US-365 British Tan
Burgundy OLY-105 364161 Cordovan, US-364 Burgundy, 461224 Burgundy, 363733 Burgundy, 518770
Cadet OLY-110 363769 Cadet, 518766 Cadet
Chili Pepper OLY-335 363752 Candy Apple, 518767 Candy Apple
Claret OLY-230 US-357 Claret, 461226 Claret
Cranberry 518711 363500 Grand Sierra Cranberry, TTN-305 Cranberry
Crocus OLY-200 US-433 Crocus, 461227 Crocus
Dark Royal Blue 518796 363555 Dark Royal Blue
Deep Clay 518771 363545 Deep Clay
Deep Violet OLY-145 US-511 Deep Violet, 439163 New Purple, 520053 New Purple
Dove OLY-120 363556 Gray, US-413 Dove, 444324, 461228 Dove, 517423 Gray
Graphite OLY-205 US-429 Graphite
Grotto OLY-175 443838 Grotto, US-426 Grotto, 461231 Grotto
Gunmetal OLY-235 US-392 Gunmetal
Hunter Green 518779 OLY-155 Hunter Green, US-350 Yew Green, 461239 Yew Green
Majestic Blue OLY-285 461232 Imperial, US-432 Imperial
New Burgundy OLY-195 444321 New Burgundy, 363546 New Burgundy, 518787 New Burgundy
Paprika OLY-225 US-370 Paprika
Regiment Blue OLY-160 US-345 Regimental, 461234 Regimental
Royal Blue OLY-190 443840 Royal, US-354 Royal, 461235 Royal, 443840 Regal Blue, 518705 Regal Blue
Sky Blue US-516 None
Slate OLY-185 363771 Slate, 444325 Slate, 517701 Slate
Suede 517916 468483 Grand Sierra Suede, TTN-330 Suede
Tomato 518800 Tomato 363781
Turquoise OLY-135 443837 Turquoise, US-419 Turquoise, 461238 Turquoise
Wheat 517706 363449 Grand Sierra Wheat, TTN-499 Wheat

Please note: Full Circle Padding is not responsible for incorrectly ordered colors. All pads are made to order and are non refundable. Feel free to call or email to inquire about your projected ship date once your order is placed.

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