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Choosing an Equipment Supplier

If you own a health club, fitness center, or an exercise facility you understand that keeping a clean, quality, and safe environment for your patrons is of the utmost importance.

Replacing and updating your equipment and facility goes a long way in accomplishing that goal. Choosing a reliable, professional, and high quality supplier is the first step. At Full Circle Padding, we pride ourselves in offering top quality materials and personalized and professional service.

Do you want to update your facility but don’t know where to start? We can send an experienced representative to walk through your gym, evaluate your padding and all aspects of the machines. Once we find the problems, we find the solutions and even send technicians to install the pads quickly, correctly, and safely.

You will see a difference in the durability of our materials. Our pads are constructed of rebond foam in 5 different thicknesses depending on the application.

So when choosing a service provider, ask yourself if they will not only provide high quality parts but also customized service to meet the needs of your specific facility, and expert advice and assistance in upholstering the supplies. Contact us to experience the Full Circle difference.

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Tips for Keeping Your Gym Up to Standards

Whether you own a public gym with hundreds of fitness enthusiasts coming in and out every day, a small private gym, or a home gym, there are certain things that must be done on a regular basis to keep your gym up to standards. These tips will ensure safety, cleanliness, and happy gym members.

Keep it Clean

In public gyms, nothing is worse than having to sit or lie on sweaty, dirty equipment. Make sure to have cleaning stations with towels and spray near all machines so they’re easily accessible. Even if it’s your home gym and no one is using the equipment except you, cleaning it regularly helps prevent stains and increases longevity.

Make Sure it Works

Ensuring that your equipment and machines are functioning properly is very important. First, you or another gym member’s safety is at risk when using a defunct machine. Second, people are generally paying to use your gym and equipment. Like everything, machines break down but make sure they’re replaced and make sure they work properly so they don’t crash on someone.


No matter the size of the gym or machine, don’t attempt to duct tape equipment back together or use another home, quick-fix remedy when it breaks down. Again, this is a safety hazard and it just looks bad. Whether its padding, grips, rollers, or pulleys, these things wear out over time. Keep them in good condition while you have them and replace them properly when they break.

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What’s the Full Circle Difference?

For over a quarter of a century, Full Circle Padding, Inc., has been the best company to provide amazing replacement pads, parts, accessories, wall and protective padding. But it’s not just the high quality materials and customer-first approach from Full Circle that keep customers returning, it’s the Full Circle Difference.
For starters, Full Circle is a family owned and operated business. That means that the employees of Full Circle are treated like family as well. As a result, they care about every job they do. Whether it is going to your gym or fitness facility to replace and reupholster on-site, or simply giving advice over the phone, you will be dealing with the very best.
Another aspect of the Full Circle Difference is the totality of the operation. By going beyond a “one stop shop,” Full Circle is able to handle all of your fitness equipment needs. No matter the name brand or if you have a bike, elliptical, coaster, etc., Full Circle can provide the service you require.
There is no such thing as “out of stock” or “out of production” with Full Circle. With an advanced workshop onsite, you can easily get the part or pad identical to the original product. And Full Circle can go beyond your existing gym as well, adding enhancements to the walls and surroundings.
Custom gymnasium wall padding from Full Circle allows you to add excitement to your gym at an affordable rate. Full Circle has worked with small gyms to Division I universities, so you will get the wall padding that’s the perfect fit for your organization.
The service, onsite evaluations and top-quality materials make the Full Circle Difference.

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The Padding Universe

It is pretty obvious that not all humans like exercise. Or perhaps more fitting, it should be said that not all humans like the same type of exercise. That’s why we have continued to enhance, change, adapt and create new routines on a regular basis.
In the world of fitness equipment, the wide range of tastes by consumers span thousands of different machines targeting varying muscle groups and body areas. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that one of the most important aspects of exercise machines is the padding.
Of course you need your pulleys operating smoothly and the equipment needs to be sturdy from a safety aspect, but the padding becomes crucial when it comes to effectiveness and extended use.
Basically, if it is uncomfortable to use the equipment or if it wears out too quickly, then people are less likely to use it over a long period of time and they won’t get the results for which they are striving.
When it comes to replacement pads, there are key features to look for to ensure you are getting the very best:
• Vinyl—look for durable and stain-resistant material like Boltaflex Vinyl, that is used by the top manufacturers, and that can be made to match any existing colors.
• Foam—don’t settle for a universal fit; get Densified Foam that is a top-quality polyurethane that is available in varying thicknesses.
• Covers—wear covers can add longevity to your machine and can even fix certain padding issues so you don’t have to pay to have a large machine completely re-padded.
• Guards—a lot of wear and tear happens on the edges of the equipment. Small tears lead to bigger ones. Quality edge guards can save you time and hassle down the road.
• Bases—adding life to your padding is easy with ¾ inch 5-ply plywood with beveled edges that will also make the area more durable.

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History of Fitness Equipment & Padding

Primitive humans, up until around 10,000 B.C., never had to worry about burning excess calories. Nomadic wanderings and the Paleolithic pattern of constantly trying to find substance left very few with excess fat. When the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution followed, humans were able to exist in a more sedentary lifestyle which decreased physical activity on a daily basis. As a result, as early as 2,500 B.C. routine and regular physical activity was seen in China and Southeast Asia.
The ancient Greeks and Romans got into physical fitness due to two main factors: war and games. Soldiers underwent rigorous training to fight in the seemingly endless campaigns and the athletic competitions and gladiator events required extensive conditioning. Since so many different people needed to be fit, eventually different forms of “fitness equipment” were pioneered.
Early exercise equipment mostly stemmed from a type of weight training or weapon understanding. Big stones were barbells, along with water jugs and sandbags. Oxen bars and yokes could be tied to structures for resistance training and squats. Swings that had attached bars, dangling ropes and rings all set the stage for future gymnastics training and equipment.
In the 18th Century, gym equipment became more specialized as the stationary bike was invented along with the first row machine. Large and clumsy pieces of equipment worked both the legs and arms simultaneously, but the machines often broken down and once assembled, became nearly impossible to move or transport.
A couple of fitness innovations appeared due to luck, not so much from the need or want to improve one’s body. Steam engines were not implemented into factories and electric motors were not widespread, leading to a human walking a mat, attached to pulleys that moved the line. Thus the treadmill was born.
Now in our lifetime, there are thousands of different fitness machines that require the proper padding and maintenance to achieve the desired results.

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Padding Tips for Your Gym

Whether you have a series of successful gyms in your region or a couple of pieces of durable equipment in your home gym, keeping everything performing like it was new is a constant battle.
On the commercial gym side of things, equipment tends to fail more quickly because of excess use (which is good because without anyone using the machines, the gym wouldn’t have any customers). For the most part, a lot of the fitness equipment requires repetitive hand and arm placement. That is to say, the same spots on the padding and machines tend to get used over and over again.
If you notice an area that has been worn down, developed a small tear, scratch or any other damage, you need to address that surface right away. The outer material on most padding, once a hole or tear has been established, will only peel more, exposing the stuffing and internal matter of the padding.
The next thing to consider, once you have identified a problem area, is determining how to fix the situation. Simply adding a piece of duct tape or sewing the material often won’t work. Tears can still run under the tape and sew jobs don’t hold over the long haul.
The best option to ensure your equipment padding and parts keep running smoothly, is to have a professional company with years of experience come directly to your gym, during business hours, and fix the problem right then and there. Don’t settle for equipment removal, excessive downtime and having to come open the gym “after hours.”
The bottom line is that when it comes to your equipment, neglect will only lead to more damage and problems. Have a professional team come in and immediately fix your equipment so your machines continue to perform.

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A Closer Look: Full Circle Padding

The number one name in fitness equipment throughout the northeast, Massachusetts and greater New England has been Full Circle Padding. For over a quarter of a century Full Circle has been the premier provider of fitness equipment padding for every brand of machine. But Full Circle goes beyond padding; let’s take a closer look at everything they have to offer.
The bread and butter of Full Circle has been offering replacement padding for gyms, homes and universities. Full Circle knows the major brands (like Cybex, Nautilus, Nordic Track, Schwinn, etc.) and will come directly to your home or business. The repairs and replacements can be done on-site so there’s no down time.
Full Circle also has an extensive replacement parts inventory. Weights, rollers, pulleys, treadmill parts, repair kits, decals, pins, grips, and many more fitness equipment parts are all at Full Circle Padding. And the inventory includes accessories to enhance your workout environment as well, including: balance training, pumps, books, attachments, cleaning products, racks, stickers, bars, resistance training, stretch mats, weight belts, yoga and more.
School and church gyms are also covered by Full Circle Padding. Wall and protective padding can be custom made and installed by Full Circle. If you have a particular design or logo, it can easily be applied to your padding to enhance the look and feel of your gym.
For all of you fitness equipment needs—from replacement pads and parts to accessories and protective padding, Full Circle can do it all.

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New Products and Specials

It’s been just over two months since our new and improved web site was launched and we hope the improvements that were made make it easier for you to navigate the site and find what you are looking for.  Along with these improvements we have also added some new products. One of these new products we are very excited about is the Anti-Burst Stability Balls.  In fact we are selling them at a special price in our Product Specials section.

That being said, did you know that we run daily online specials? They are located right on our home page as Product Specials and they will change every couple of weeks. So please visit often and check them out. You will probably find a good price for something you have been meaning to get or something you really need. And who doesn’t love a sale!

As always if you cannot find a product you need, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department at customerservice@fullcirclepadding.com or you can call us @ 1-800-875-7780 during the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00pm Eastern Time. We always do our best to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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www.fullcirclepadding.com – The New and Improved Website

Can you believe it has been 8 years since we launched our first website?  We did not believe it either when it was politely brought to our attention. By now we hope most of you have visited our website www.fullcirclepadding.com. We hope it has become a valuable tool and it helps keep your fitness facility in tip top shape.  The pictures we have provided in our Pad Product section can assist you in looking up the make and model of your fitness equipment when ordering. Those hard to find Free Weight parts can be found with a click of a button. And we offer a wide variety of Fitness Equipment Accessories that all your members are asking for. Our new and improved website still has all these features but we have added some functionality that we hope you will find useful. Not to mention an upgraded design that we think looks great!

Over the years we have developed many new relationships as well as keeping in contact with our existing customers because of our website.  We think once you view and use our new and improved website, you will say it was worth the wait. Please let us know what you like, what you don’t like and anything you think we could do better. After all, we consider our website to be a form of customer service available to you 24 hours a day.

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"Thank you for all of your help in our ordering of the replacement pads for the Hammer Strength machines. We probably will be ordering more pads from you in the future, as the boys are pretty tough on the equipment. Once again, thank you very much for your help and service."

Gymnasium Manager
Salisbury School
- Craig A. Summers

"The Five Points Branch was extremely pleased with the professionalism and solid work ethic, displayed by Full Circle Padding staff. We cannot thank you enough. It was a pleasurable experience. Please share this with your team."

Associate Branch Executive
YMCA of Eastern Union County
- Tricia DiGiovanni

"The job was great! Everything looks fantastic and the guys were great, friendly, explained everything and cleaned up after they were done!"

Health & Fitness Specialist
GE Capital Fitness Center
- Lisa Gugliuzza

"We would like to extend a big Thank You to you and everyone on staff who worked on the covers for us. They were applied to the baskets yesterday and provide a great improvement to the look of the baskets. So thanks again, and it was a pleasure to work with you."

Facilities & Operations Manager
Seton Hall University Recreation Center
- Jeffrey Dukat

"I really appreciate dealing with Full Circle. From the initial contact with Chuck, to your setting the agenda to the workers coming on site the work is of the highest quality. I wish all my vendors were as efficient."

Facility Supervisor
New York University
- Brian Mecca