Replacement Pads


Hoist Roc-It
Hoist Roc-It
Plate Loaded
Hoist HD Series
Hoist HS Series
Hoist CF Series (Freeweight)
Hoist CD Series
Hoist CL Series
Hoist CMJ Multi Jungles
Hoist D Series
Hoist F Series
Hoist KL Line
HF Series Free Weight
Hoist Home Multi Gyms
and Benches

The durable, stain resistant material used by the top manufacturers, available to match any color.

Top Quality polyurethane foam available in variable thicknesses.

Great for heavily used machines and a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement pad.

Cut your upholstery budget in half by protecting the edges.

¾ inch 5-ply plywood with beveled edges make our pads durable and safe.