Upholstery and Color Changes

Here you will find many examples of upholstery and color change jobs we have done on various brands of fitness equipment. Some were the entire facility and others are just a few pieces of equipment. Changing the color or just having fresh padding on your equipment can have a big impact on not only the look of your club but also how your members view the club as a comfortable place to get a workout in.

        Choice-Fitness-Elite-2022-b4 Choice-Fitness-Elite-2022-After

        Choice-Fitness-Elite-Methuen-2022-b4-2 Choice-Fitness-Elite-Methuen-2022-After-2

Empire-B9 Empire-A9 Empire-B7 Empire-A7

Crunch-B1 Crunch-A1

 Choice-Fitness-Elite-Methuen-2022-b4 Choice-Fitness-Elite-Methuen-2022-After

   AB-B1 AB-A1 BSC-Pru-B2 BSC-Pru-A2   

Empire-B10 Empire-A10

Max-Fit-B1 Max-Fit-A1 Crunch-B2 Crunch-A2

426-Fitness-B1 426-Fitness-A1

RockStar-Gym-B3 RockStar-Gym-A3 RockStar-Gym-B2 RockStar-Gym-A2

RockStar-Gym-B1 RockStar-Gym-A1

Post-Unv-Before-1 Post-Unv-After-1 LA-Fitness-Before LA-Fitness-After

Post-Unv-Before-2 Post-Unv-After-2

Baystate-Fitness-2024-Before Baystate-Fitness-2024-After