Upholstery Color Reference

Choosing the correct color to match your upholstery

Picking the correct color for your replacement pads is one of the easiest things to choose incorrectly. Although the color swatches below are only a guide and may vary monitor to monitor, we hope the information under each of our stock color swatches helps you in choosing the best color for your upholstery.

Please note Full Circle Padding is not responsible for incorrectly ordered colors. The color examples and charts listed on our website are not exactly the same shade as they appear on your screen.

If you would like us to help match your color you may send a clean sample with your contact information to

Full Circle Padding 253 Mansfield Ave. Norton MA 02766

If you need further assistance please don't hesitate to call the Full Circle Padding team at 1-800-875-7780

Full Circle Padding Stock Color List

  • Allspice_518760

    Allspice 518760
    Matches 363743 Allspice
  • American_Beauty_520202

    American Beauty US-360
    Matches 443839 American Beauty
    Matches 520202 American Beauty
    Matches 461222 American Beauty
    Matches OLY-130 American Beauty
  • Azure_517708

    Azure 517708
    Matches 415522 Azure
    MatchesTTN-315 Azure
  • Black_517420

    Black 517420
    Matches 363557 Black
    Matches US-393 Black
    Matches 461223 Black
    Matches 444320 Black
    Matches OLY-115 Black
  • Textured_Black_CGFCP100_2

    Black - Textured CG-FCP100
    Used to match the
    Life Fitness and Hammer Strength
    textured black
  • Blue_Ridge_OLY125

    Blue Ridge US-427
    Matches OLY-125 Blue Ridge
  • British_Tan_OLY215

    British Tan US-365
    Matches OLY-215 British Tan
  • Burgundy_518765

    Burgundy 518765
    Matches 364161 Cordovan
    Matches 363733 Burgundy
    Matches 461224 Burgundy
    Matches US-364 Burgundy
    Matches OLY-105 Burgundy
  • Cadet_518766

    Cadet 518766
    Matches 363769 Cadet
    Matches OLY-110 Cadet
  • Candy_Apple_518767

    Candy Apple 518767
    Matches 363752 Candy Apple
    Matches OLY-335 Chilli Pepper
  • Chestnut_US375

    Chestnut US-375
    Matches - None
  • Concord_US510

    Concord US-510
    Matches - None
  • Cranberry_518711

    Cranberry 518711
    Matches 363500 Cranberry
    Matches TTN-305 Cranberry
  • Crocus_OLY200

    Crocus US-433
    Matches OLY-210 Crocus
    Matches 461227 Crocus
  • Dark_Royal_Blue_518796

    Dark Royal Blue 518796
    Matches 363555 Dark Royal Blue
    Matches OLY-185 Majestic Blue
  • Deep_Clay_518771

    Deep Clay 518771
    Matches 363545 Deep Clay
  • Dove_OLY120

    Dove US-413
    Matches 363556 Gray
    Matches OLY-120 Dove
    Matches 461228 Dove
    Matches 517423 Gray
  • Emerald_US343_1

    Emerald US-343
    Matches - None
  • Graphite_OLY205

    Graphite US-429
    Matches OLY-205 Graphite
  • Grotto_OLY175

    Grotto US-426
    Matches 443838 Grotto
    Matches OLY-175 Grotto
    Matches 461231 Grotto
  • Gunmetal_OLY235

    Gunmetal US-392
    Matches OLY-235 Gunmetal
  • Hunter_Green_518779

    Hunter Green 518779
    Matches 363551 Hunter Green
    Matches OLY-155 Hunter Green
    Matches US-350 Yew Green
    Matches 461239 Yew
  • Imperial_Blue_US432

    Imperial Blue US-432
    Matches - None
  • Jade_518421

    Jade 518421
    Matches 363552
  • Mandarin_Orange_US372

    Mandarin Orange US-372
    Matches - None
  • Navy_517920

    Navy 517920
    Matches 363762 Navy
  • New_Burgundy_518787

    New Burgundy 518787
    Matches 363546 New Burgundy
    Matches 444321 New Burgundy
    Matches OLY-195 New Burgundy
    Matches US-357 Claret
    Matches OLY-230 Claret
  • New_Purple_520053

    New Purple 520053
    Matches 439163 New Purple
    Matches US-511 Deep Violet
    Matches OLY-145 Deep Violet
  • Paprika_OLY225

    Paprika US-370
    Matches OLY-225 Paprika
  • Plum_US361

    Plum US-361
    Matches - None
  • Regal_Blue_518705

    Regal Blue 518705
    Matches - None
  • Regimental_Blue_OLY160

    Regimental Blue US-345
    Matches OLY-160 Regimental
    Matches 461234 Regimental
  • Royal_Blue_US354

    Royal Blue US-354
    Matches 443840 Royal Blue
    Matches 461235 Royal Blue
    Matches OLY-190 Royal Blue
  • Sky_Blue_US516

    Sky Blue US-516
    Matches - None
  • Slate_517701

    Slate 517701
    Matches 363771 Slate
    Matches OLY-185 Slate
    Matches 444325 Slate
  • Space_Blue_US353

    Space Blue US-353
    Matches - None
  • Suede_517916

    Suede 517916
    Matches 468483 Suede
    Matches TTN-330 Suede
  • Terra_Cotta_US376_Update

    Terra Cotta US-376
    Matches - None
  • Tomato_518800

    Tomato 518800
    Matches 363781 Tomato
  • Turquoise)OLY135

    Turquoise US-419
    Matches 443837 Turquoise
    Matches OLY-135 Turquoise
    Matches 461238 Turquoise
  • Wheat_517706

    Wheat 517706
    Matches 363449 Wheat
    Matches TTN-499 Wheat